Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wedding Whites (Part 1)

“I’d imagine my wedding as a fairytale… huge, beautiful and white.” – Paris Hilton

The tradition of a white wedding will never fade, or go out of style.

For this reason, Sun Valley devotes significant time and resources to having year-round availability of a surprising amount of white flowers. Even though Sun Valley’s motto is “Creating a World of Color,” we do a fine job growing white flowers, especially as summer wedding season kicks into high gear.

We are ready of all your wedding needs.  Enjoy some fresh photos of the wedding whites we have available right now, next week we will look at some bouquets and designs using our flowers.

Click on the flower name to see our Resource Page, featuring more information, plus care and handling. 

white wedding lilies

White Rose Lilies: Ruffly and pollen free, a brides dream come true!

Lisianthus: Whispy, laid back, and crazy beautiful.
Calla Lilies: Perennial wedding favorites.
Kalanchoe: The new up and coming wedding flower, perfect in a formal bridal bouquet.

White Oriental Lilies: Tradition defined. Big dramatic lilies may steal the show!

White Freesia: Amazing scent, beautiful rows of blooms.
White Iris: Great for "line" in wedding work, elegant log stems.
White Tulips: We have a wide selection of standard, fancy and French tulip offerings...including multi-layered white double tulips.
White Daisy Matricaria: Chamomile is a great choice for rustic and shabby-chic ceremonies, so much personality! 


Royal LA Hybrid Lilies: Solid white lilies, with amazing vase life and extremely durable for wedding work. 

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